Just installed, set up ok and now get a blank page?

Hi I’ve just set up and installed Invoice Ninja on my Bluehost hosted site via softaculous and installed v5.64 and all seemed to be okay. Just come back to login and I type in the admin URL and get greeted with a blank page, anyone else had this and any ideas where I might start to solve this? Can’t see any error messages coming up! but the invoice ninja page is there via the URL and wordpress site icon so I’m guessing it’s connecting ok

Just chatted with Bluehost support and was told that I couldn’t use InvoiceNinja on the same account as my Wordpress site, I thought it would work something like main website and then put invoice ninja in a sub directory such as Steve’s Garden Services main site and then Steve’s Garden Services/Invoice Ninja I then asked id it could install it in a sub domin ie Steve’s Garden Services. Invoice or something like that. Should it be possible or will have to set up another hosting plan in which would cost more


Are there any errors in the web server error logs?

Hi nothing relate to the NinjaInvoice script
as far as I can see

@david do you have any ideas?

I’m not sure, we have a section on subdirectories in the docs: