Just another email problem :D

Hi together,

iam a new user of invoiceninja and i have read many topics about the emailing problem but my installation dont send emails.

I`ll try send emails via smtp i have try many things an have no errors in the laravel.log

my jobs table in the database has 25 entrys and the system_log table has 2 entrys with just ip log

Currently i have ideas to solve it, is there another solution to solve this…

Greetz Sven


It sounds like you may have configured the app to queue the jobs in the database but the jobs aren’t being processed, please check you’ve added the artisan queue:work cron.



thanks. i´am on shared hosting and i use the builtin webcron feature.

What ist the right settings for the QUEUE_CONNECTION variable i can`t find all possible values.

What is the right settings for MAIL_XXX variables, with single qoutes, double qoutes or just without qoutes there many diffrent predictions out there

If you change it to sync it should start working but will be slow, you can leave it as database to keep it fast but you’ll need to have the queue running.

Quotes are only needed if there are unenclosed spaces (ie, “some value”).

great, thanks i`ll try to add queue:work to cron or i write my own cronscript

great i got it… many thanks, stay tuned… it`s a great tool