Just a quick Expense Question (and maybe a small feature request)

I’ve been using Invoice Ninja for going on a year now and love it!

When entering expenses that are company related, I’ve been leaving the client field blank. Is this the best way to do this, or should I add myself as a client? I’ve noticed in the most recent update a much more robust filtering process in the reports section and thought it might be helpful to see my company name attached to the expenses that are company specific. Currently, it’s just blank on the expense report(s), which works out o.k. for me now since I know all the blank ones are company specific and all other ones will have a client name attached to them.

Now for a small feature request: Whenever I sort expenses by client, it would be great to have the total displayed per client for the date range specified (same goes for my expense categories). Currently, only the overall total for expenses is available it appears. Thanks for considering this and thanks for a great product!

Thanks for the kind words!

Yes, the expected behavior is to leave the client blank for company expenses.

We’ll look into showing the totals when grouping by expense client and category.