Job pending but never finish


I noticed a while that I always have 2 jobs pending.
I found the table the database where one job ID is 981 and the other is 1985. But new jobs are in the 4000+.

What do i do, can i just delete them or do we have to figure out what are the jobs and why they are stuck.

Thank you.


You can either retry them or clear them, there’s detailed info here:

I tried to follow the page you sent. I’m a bit lost.
Some of the commands I type, keep telling me that there is no job in the failed_job table in the database. And its true. The 2 jobs are stuck in the “jobs” queue.

Can I delete them from the table ?
Since the jobs are old, im afraid it will change something in the data that has either already been change or something that I dont want to change.


@david any thoughts?


I think this isn’t a proper representation of pending jobs… I don’t think this field is reporting accurately. @hillel we may want to disable this field to prevent confusion.