Item numbering scheme on invoice possible?

Hello there, I’ve stumbled over invoice ninja yesterday and making some progress already adjusting my custom invoice template. Love it so far, however, sure enough some questions have raised:

  • Is it possible to have more than 1 custom template without modifying database? It would be so much simpler if one would be able to copy / rename an original template and it would show up in the drop down list for selection and modification

  • Is it possible to arrange / remove Headers completely from invoice table of the generated pdf? I.e.:
    If added an additional field called ‘Position’ under ‘Advanced Settings’ -> ‘Invoice Settings’ -> ‘Custom Fields’ -> ‘Invoice Item Fields’. This field shows up in 3rd position in Header of invoice (table) after ‘Item’ and ‘Description’, I need that to be in 1st place.
    Furthermore, is it possible to fill the new created field automatically so it reflects the item count (position) on invoice?:

Item | Description | Position | …
ArticleA | Desc. ArticleA | [empty] | …
ArticleC | Desc. ArticleC | [empty] | …
ArticleB | Desc. ArticleB | [empty] | …

I’m trying to achieve (loosing ‘item’ and automatically fill ‘position’):
Position | Description | …
1 | Desc. ArticleA | …
2 | Desc. ArticleC | …
3 | Desc. ArticleB | …

Many thanks in advance for any guidance and
best regards,

  • Sorry, no. You’d need to create a separate company. Maybe in a future release…

  • Also, no. You’d need to change the code to make the changes. Note: we compile the JavaScript files with gulp.

Hello there.
So, the use of position instead of the article is unsupported also in v5? Any plans for this feature?
Use custom filed with manual position number is error-prone. Are there any alternatives?

The app supports ordering the columns on the PDF on Settings > Invoice Design

Sorry, I don’t understand your second question

I’m sorry.

In Germany, for services, which I usually make, the invoices do not have the column “Article”.
They have the column “Position”, where the sequential number of the list item is provided.

so, typically invoice would look like this:
| Pos. | Bescription | price | amount | sum |
| 1 | service 1 | 100€ | 2 | 200 |
| 2 | service 2 | 10€ | 20 | 200 |

here is the screen of an invoice of HW supplier as an example:

As I understood, IN does not have an automatic counter. If I would want to have a similar invoice - I would have to add the custom field to the product (which will not be part of the product!) and put it in the first place instead of the “Article”
What I meant is that to have a counter filed “position” as a text field is error-prone.

Moreover. I’ve tried to remove the “Article” column and put “Pos.” in its place.
while adding items into the invoice, I had to add “Article” anyway:

and here is the view of one of the default IN templates (all of them are showing the same error):

As you see the header of the table is shifted, and the column “Position” appeared twice in the table.

so, in general, there are two problems:

  1. there is no way to add an autogenerated counter for a position in the item list.
  2. if to add a position in the first place to fill it manually the default template is unable to render it correctly.
  1. I suggest creating an issue on the repo to track the request
  2. You can change the column order on Settings > Invoice Designs, does that help?

@hillel thank you for your response.
to 2. Yes, I’ve done it. you see that “Pos.” is in the first place - the user-defined field is in the first place right now.

to 1. I will create a feature request.
the behavior with a double appearance of Pos is a bug? shall I also report it in github?

Sure, that would be great. Thanks!