Issuing Credit Card Refunds Through Invoice Ninja

Question, if for some reason a customer is demanding a credit card payment be voided or a payment be refunded back to there credit card. From with in Invoice Ninja how do you refund that payment back to there credit card.

As far as I know (and Hillel will be able to say for sure), if they paid you through Invoice Ninja via one of the payment gateways, going into the Payments page and select “Refund Payment” on the far right-hand side, it should automatically refund the payment through whatever gateway you have setup, and update the client’s invoice accordingly.

Alternatively (and depending on what your client wants to do), you could offer them a credit, which you can apply to their account. That will then be deducted on new invoices, leaving the client to only pay the balance (if the invoice is for more than the credit).

As to which is better, that’s all dependent upon your bookkeeping and what the client wants to do.

Thank you so much for the feed back!