Issues with invoicing task

Hello there,

I found problem with invoicing task. Tasks to pay are loaded incorrectly, it looks like there is one more column.

(screen with polish lang, but problem should be visible)

Problem occured on 5.1.70 and 5.1.74 versions. I am updating IN through git pull origin and always cleaning cache with php artisan optimize after any update. Honestly no idea.

Additional question: is layout shown in demo of Invoice Ninja available on current releases? Because panel of creating invoices, tasks etc. looks different than on my installation and I wonder “why is it?”.


Thanks, I’ll look into it. Are you using a custom product or task field?

Maybe you’re using the mobile layout? There is an arrow to toggle near the totals at the bottom.

Additional task statuses and custom product fields. But no task fields actually.

Thanks, I’ll look into it…

I think I see the problem, it looks like this happens when the third custom product field is being used. I’ve checked in a fix.

Thank you very much for help, problem seems to be solved in newest version. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!