Issues with Install

Followed the Ubuntu/Apache guide for self-hosting, and when going to start the install, I get this. Using git version, also tried with ZIP from website…

/ / |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Register The Auto Loader |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Composer provides a convenient, automatically generated class loader for | our application. We just need to utilize it! We’ll simply require it | into the script here so that we don’t have to worry about manual | loading any of our classes later on. It feels nice to relax. | / require DIR.’/…/bootstrap/autoload.php’; / |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Turn On The Lights |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | We need to illuminate PHP development, so let us turn on the lights. | This bootstraps the framework and gets it ready for use, then it | will load up this application so that we can run it and send | the responses back to the browser and delight our users. | / $app = require_once DIR.’/…/bootstrap/app.php’; / |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Run The Application |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Once we have the application, we can handle the incoming request | through the kernel, and send the associated response back to | the client’s browser allowing them to enjoy the creative | and wonderful application we have prepared for them. | */ $kernel = $app->make(‘Illuminate\Contracts\Http\Kernel’); $response = $kernel->handle( $request = Illuminate\Http\Request::capture() ); $response->send(); $kernel->terminate($request, $response);

try sudo apt-get install php-dom php-zip php-mbstring php-xml before running sudo phpenmod mcrypt, then install composer as per the instructions?

(also replace php5 with php in the rest of the instructions to make sure you’re running the latest version)

Knew about the php instead of php5 when trying to install it the first time thankfully. I did miss xml, however this hasn’t fixed it.

Can you check that PHP is working correctly on your server.

That was the issue, I installed them separately and the order I did it in meant that Apache wasn’t picking up the PHP install, all fixed now, thanks.