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We are trying to work with integrating Invoice Ninja with When we try and run a test transaction, we are getting the error E_WC_18: Client Key is required. We can get that value from, but we’re not seeing a place to store the value in Invoice Ninja. Any help would be appreciated.


@david do you have any ideas?

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You’ll see this particular error if your api credentials are incorrect. The first part of initilization is to create a client key which we do using the api login id and the transaction key.

@david We copy/pasted the API creds when we set everything up. Generated a new transaction key with and the error still persists. Any other thoughts?


Can you inspect the browser console on that payment page and see if there are any errors in there?

@David - There is no output to the console when submitting the payment. Seems strange.

Not sure, why this is happening for you. But we haven’t changed anything around for a while, and haven’t seen any other reports of issues. I’m still leaning towards invalid credentials, perhaps an errant space is being passed in also?