Issues Upgrading from 5.3.61 to 5.5.93

so I have been running my install for quite some time and I used to update it with update command and then my hots firewall started flagging my updates and preventing them. Then my host switched php from 7.4 to 8.2 and I couldn’t connect. I got them to downgrade my subdomain to 7.4 again so i could access the site but I cannot get it upgraded to latest version. So on another subdomain I did a fresh install of 5.5.93 and it works fine. Now how do I get the data over to my new installation. I tried just removing creates from sql backup and inserting data but didn’t like that. The table structure is different and more tables than old version. Any help getting me sorted out would be appreciated. Thanks


In theory you should be able to copy over the database using mysqldump and then run php artisan migrate to apply the database changes.

how do I run that command if I don’t have access to command line?

You can try loading /update?secret=