Issues setting up Self Hosted Development Version

Hi All,

Forgive me if I come across as a little dim here, I am no expert when it comes to this but hoping someone can provide some guidance.

I have a shared hosting site that I have uploaded the contents of the latest development zip file to from Github but I keep getting errors in getting it to load, I cannot access a single page. I did get to a point where it was telling me there was an issue accessing the autoload.php file in vendor (see attached image) but I am not sure how to rectify this.

To test if it was an issue with the way the webserver was serving files, I created a seperate folder in the web root and uploaded the V3.0.2 downloaded from here: I then extracted this and went to /public/setup and it worked straight out of the box.

Because this is on shared hosting, I have no access to composer, the sites-available page or terminal. Could someone please give me some guidance on what I am missing when it comes to the development version? I need to use the development version as I want to try out the tickets function etc.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Hi all,

Apologies I forgot to add the error image

Web Error


It won’t work like that.

You need to install it on your own pc with xamp server and once it’s installed and working you need to backup the DB and restore it on the hosted server and you need to upload all the files to your hosting and change the .env file to point to the restored DB with the correct identifications

Hi Randy,

Thanks for the reply. How do we compile the developer version in xamp? I have xamp all setup and working, I have downloaded the and extracted it to /htdocs/ninja/ but I now get presented with the same errors shown above.

I know i will be missing something really simple but I just don’t know what.


Have you created a DB in XAMP?
It works like a VPS:

  • Create DB_USER
  • Create DB
  • Upload .zip files
  • Go to website (localhost in this case)