Issues Installing on Unraid

I’m having an issue when trying to install on unraid. when I first download the container it gives me an error saying “Error: app is already configured, backup then delete the .env file to re-run the setup”. so i go and remove the .env file which then allows me to the configuration page. But while I’m on that page it now gives an error “Warning: Permission denied to write .env config file sudo chown www-data:www-data /var/www/app/.env”, when i run that command it says no .env file. if i add the file and give permission I’m back to the original error. Can anyone help me?


Are you setting up the v4 app or v5?

The post is tagged v5 but that looks like a v4 error.

my bad it looks like v4

I’m not sure, this is the only forum post I see for unraid with v4