Issues Importing Invoices from Freshbooks

Currently working on seeing if Invoice Ninja works for me. Upon importing my information (expenses, inventory, payments, clients, and invoices) from a CSV I generated on FreshBooks, only the Invoices are giving me a hard time. In my confirmation email sent to me, I am getting all of my lines with the “The client id field is required.” error. I’m having a hard time figuring out how to assign the “client_id” value when importing, none of the dropdown options seem to apply to client_id. Am I missing something?

Here is an example of one of my csv lines, as returned to my email by

{“company_id”:78281,“client_id”:null,“number”:“0000045”,“date”:“2021-04-05”,“currency_id”:“1”,“amount”:250,“status_id”:2,“viewed”:false,“line_items”:[{“product_key”:“Real-Estate Photography”,“notes”:“4/5/2021 - 112 Creekside Dr. Photos, Matterport.”,“cost”:250,“quantity”:100000000,“discount”:0,“is_amount_discount”:false,“tax_name1”:"",“tax_rate1”:0,“tax_name2”:"",“tax_rate2”:0,“type_id”:“1”,“product_cost”:0,“tax_name3”:"",“tax_rate3”:0,“sort_id”:“0”,“line_total”:0,“gross_line_total”:0,“date”:"",“custom_value1”:"",“custom_value2”:"",“custom_value3”:"",“custom_value4”:""}],“payments”:[{“date”:“2021-04-06”,“amount”:250}]}


@david do you have any thoughts?


Are you using the Freshbook import profile? or the generic CSV import profile?

You may want to send a sample of your client/invoice files to us for inspection

Hey @david
I just sent an email with the subject line “MichaelAMA CSV Files” containing my CSV files to the email listed. I tried both the freshbook profile, as well as the CSV profile. Both give me the same issue of my invoice entries returning that error.