Issues importing customers in german Invoice Ninja


I want to do an one-time import of customers (and afterwards another CSV with invoices) in Invoice Ninja [v4.5.19] , but my data is only being imported in the NAME field with “;” as dividers. Is there any file template I can use (one for customers, one for invoices)? As there is an info “Achten Sie darauf, die englische Version der Dateien zu verwenden. Wir verwenden die Spaltenüberschriften, um die Felder abzugleichen.” that I have to use the english version of the field names, I think this might be the issue, as I don’t know the exact english names of the fields, translating would be a guess only.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

Claudia / Germany


The app expects the columns to be separate by commas, does that explain it?

yes, thank you. I exported existing customer data from ninja and aligned the columns and general formatting according to that. Looks like that works. But no english was needed, it was:

Name,“Benutzer”,“Saldo”,“Bereits gezahlt”,“Strasse Rechnungsanschrift”,“Rechnung Adresszusatz”,“Stadt Rechnungsanschrift”,“Rechnung Bundesland”,“Postleitzahl Rechnungsanschrift”,“Rechnungsland”,“Strasse Versandanschrift”,“Versand Adresszusatz”,“Stadt Versandanschrift”,“Versand Bundesland”,“Postleitzahl Versandanschrift”,“Lieferungsland”,“Kundennummer”,“USt-IdNr.”,“Website”,“Telefon”,“Währung”,“Öffentliche Notizen”,“Private Notizen”,“Vorname”,“Nachname”,“E-Mail”,“Telefon”

thanks anyway, might ask for further help when I face issues with invoice import later :wink:
XOXO, Claudia

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