Issues after migrating self-hosted to hosted

I’m noticing more issues as I use the hosted version more. Some annoyances and broken things:

  • Live preview on a draft invoice no longer works with a custom domain. The live_preview endpoint now returns failed ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED, something related to it calling a sub sub domain? I don’t recall this sub sub domain (or any others) requiring setup when setting up a custom domain).
    • Example full domain:
  • Invoice counters are different then before and the previous (self-hosted) counter structure isn’t imported
    • Even after fixing this for an invoice, the counter seemingly was reset somehow with existing invoices for a certain client?
  • Tax and custom taxes are not imported, nor are they added to new invoices now (since migrating to hosted). You now have to go into Settings > Tax Settings > set Invoice Tax Rates to One Tax Rate and then confirm the default tax rate at the bottom is your previous tax rate.
  • Email signature on hosted version is showing up twice in “Invoice Send Email” preview iframe.
    • If I remove the HTML signature from Email Settings no signature shows in the preview, if I add it back, two show in the signature. I checked my Email Template design and it only has one $emailSignature used.
    • Looks like one signature is rendering inside the .content-wrapper div and the outer outside of that div.


Did you use the JSON import/export to transfer your data and settings?

@david any ideas?

No I just used the v4 → v5 importer?


The live preview issue i’ll raise with @hillel this shoul be calling not your custom domain.

The Tax Rate is have fixed in the next release for.

Not sure i follow on the invoice counter issue, did we not import the counter pattern? which would have then created the entities with standard 0001 numbering?

The $emailSignature should be presented in the footer of the email by default, if you add it also to the body, it will at it both in the body and the footer.


are you logging into the app via your custom domain? or via ?

this may be the issue?

  • Logging in via my custom domain, which is what I though was the point of a custom domain?
  • The counter in v4 (self-hosted) was {$date:mdy}-{$clientCounter} but it seems after importing to v5 that changed to {$date:mdy}-{$client_id_number}{$clientCounter}, and also the client counter reset to 0001 even though there was existing invoices for that client.
  • Possibly the signature wasn’t included by default in v4 but is in v5 is where the conflict lies? I’m seeing $emailSignature in the template when attempting to send an invoice, I wonder if that the issue though and I can’t find where to edit this default template instead of having to remove that $emailSignature parameter each time I want to send an invoice email.