Issue with SSL

I installed the Bitnami VM version but I honestly think this is a bit bigger than the Bitnami stuff. I was able to successfully get my own SSL certificate installed and working but some strange things occur. When I log in and look at the Clients tab I do not see any of the clients I have created. Also when I go to Advanced Settings>Users&Tokens I do not see my users. Other pages do not render correctly either. It only happens when navigating via HTTPS. HTTP pages work just fine. Any ideas? Thank you for your assistance!

If you’re still having this problem here are two things to try:

  • Add the following two lines to your .env file, you can read more about these setting in config/session.php.


  • Delete all of your session cookies and log back in.

Added the lines and tested from another machine and it appears to work correctly. Yay!!! Thank you for the assistance. This can now fully replace my current solution.