Issue with payment clean blade rendering

I am having a issue when I try to pay for a invoice in the client portal. After credit card is selected I get redirected to this screen.

I am getting a Server error for the yielded meta_title. I am unsure what could be happening in this file to cause such a error. Any debugging tips would help. Thank you

This is the API route in question


Are there any details about the 500 error in storage/logs?

23-08-02 16:54:39] production.ERROR: Unable to generate the raw PDF {“userId”:76,“exception”:"[object] (App\Exceptions\FilePermissionsFailure(code: 0): Unable to generate the raw PDF at C:\Users\IsaacKim\Desktop\ninja\invoiceninja\app\Jobs\Entity\CreateRawPdf.php:208)

Looks like the PDF is not generating. Is there any required parameters I need to pass for the PDF to generate?

Also seems like there my be a permissions issue to be writable. Is there a option in the code to enable this?

Which PDF generator are you using in the .env file, it may help to change to hosted_ninja.

There’s info on file permissions here: