Issue with invoice and payment, showing a balance due when there isn't

Working on taxes and noticed an invoice showing a balance due (and now marked as ‘Past due’ when it showed as Paid hours ago).


There is a payment for $1,695 ($1,500 + 13% tax) yet the system still shows as a balance is due?

When I edit t he invoice, the ‘Balance Due’ section shows $0 yet the invoice preview shows $195 due. Very weird.

How can we get this fixed and remove the balance due? Invoice Identity is YaO704EQax or Invoice number 013122-0001


@david any thoughts?


The second payment was deleted, this reverses the payment made on the invoice.

I tried using ‘mark as paid’ just to mark it as paid but instead it added a whole new payment for the “balance owing” when there was no balance owing technically. So I deleted the second payment (which is why it says past due).

The initial issue still stands.


We’ll investigate and correct this record for you.

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Thanks, looks to be fixed now. Any way to avoid this in the future or just a new bug?


We are looking into it. Was the invoice created in the UI or via API/3rd party app? It looks like the invoice may have been created and marked as paid in a single step?

It would have been created via the UI and was not created then paid in a single step.