Issue with Custom SEPA QR Code and Custom Design


I have the following issue: I would like to place the SEPA QR code (EPC-QR-Code) on my invoice. However, when I try to adjust the height, the following happens:

Here is my code:

<div><table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" dir="$dir">
  <tr><td colspan="3" rowspan="3"><img src="$sepa_qr_code" alt="EPC-QR-Code" height="150px"></td></tr>

What is my error? Has this problem been experienced by others previously?

PS: Feature Request - If not implemented yet, can we add more information to that LikeAmount, Reference of invoice, Text? (More info: EPC QR code - Wikipedia)

PPS: To us Germans, do not be confused by the performance period (Leistungszeitraum); in the designer view, ‘incorrect’ values are displayed here because these are custom text fields.


@david do you have any ideas?

Note: we track feature requests in GitHub.

Thanks. I know :sweat_smile:! I created some in the last month since I started migrating more and more over to Invoice Ninja from Crater :slight_smile:. I just wanted to make sure whether the function is possibly implemented or not before I submit a request. I will update the post with the GitHub link when I’m done creating the issue.

Issue Link: [FEATURE REQUEST] Integrations of the European Payments Council Quick Response Code guidelines · Issue #9118 · invoiceninja/invoiceninja · GitHub

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Just to note, the return value of $sepa_qr_code from invoice ninja is a svg like this:

<svg viewBox='0 0 200 200' width='200' height='200' x='0' y='0' xmlns=''>
          <rect x='0' y='0' width='100%'' height='100%' />{$qr}</svg>

So you’ll want to update your code to not wrap this variable in img tags

Thank you @david!
That worked out!