Issue with custom delimiter on CSV imports


I’m trying to migrate to ninja my invoices, but I have some problems with the CSV importation.

As you can see in my screenshot, i’m trying to change the default delimiter to “$”.
My CSV is correctly formatted but it looks like the app is not applying my custom delimiter.
The data i’m trying to import is referring to products.

Am I doing it the right way or is it a bug ?

Sorry if someone asked this before, I didn’t find any reference to this bug in the forum.

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The app expects the CSV file to use a comma as the delimiter


Thanks for your fast reply, so there isn’t any way to change this? As in France we use comma instead of dot for numeric values, some of my columns are not imported so well…

Or maybe you can tell my in which file the comma is defined as the delimiter so I can change this.

It’s working perfectly well, thanks for your help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


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