Is this possible to pick payment term in invoice due date field?


I want to use payments terms to fill automatically due date in invoices by typing in due date field for example: “Net 14” what would be translated to => 06.08.2021 (for today of course). I know there is default setting if I won’t fill this field, what is payment term “Net 14” in my case. Is there such a function to pick payment term here? If not, should I suggest adding something like this on Github?


I’m not sure I fully understand, the invoice has date and due date and the payment has a date. Are you referring to the date when creating a payment or when creating an invoice?

Due date, I just wrongly translated from my language. Sorry.

Thanks, understood.

You can set the default payment terms in the settings on Settings > Company > Defaults, this can be set at the company, group or client level. Note: after you save the invoice the field will remain blank. Once the invoice is marked as sent the due date is automatically set.