Is there any way to migrate data from V5 to V4?

I’ve got V5 up and running, but I’ve encountered too many bugs and issues to really be able to use it in a production environment.

Is there any way to export data from V5 and import it into V4? Such as clients, invoices, recurring invoices?


You may be able to use the reports page in v5 to export it and then the CSV import in v4.

If you want to let us know what issues you’re seeing we’re of course happy to fix them.

Hi Hillel,
Thanks for the suggestion.
Regarding issues, there’s four I’ve posted on Github in past couple of hours.

None of those were deal breakers for me, as I can still continue with what needs to be done. But the most recent is that emails are not sending out, and I see no way to really tell what’s going on with the email system. I see you’ve replied to the message I posted on that, so I’ll take that up with you over there.

Thanks very much …

A nice new feature in v5 is the ‘System Log’ tab when viewing a client, you should be able to use it to check if the emails are being sent. Our focus right now is on bugs, we should have fixes for your issues relatively soon.

Is the System Log tab implemented? I’m having a hard time finding it.

Yup, it’s the last tab on the client view panel. You may need to scroll across to see it.