Is there a way to set the starting number for invoice generated numbers?


I cannot work out how to change the starting point of the invoice number generation to something other than ‘001’. I understand that I can add prefixes, number patterns, change the quantity of leading zeros, and set using client/date/ect. I’ve tried doing (0013855)+{$counter} and variations to that effect, but it only takes it literally, and I end up with not quite the result I was going for.

I would like it to increment from ‘0013855’ onwards, and would appreciate any help or advice that can be given. Thank you!

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In Settings > Generated numbers, you can set the counter there. for instance in this case 13855

you’ll then want to configure the correct number of leading 0’s

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Hi David,

I’ve had a look through and I have finally managed to get the counter to work - thank you for pointing me in the right direction! It looks like it just took a few tries to stick :slight_smile:


Apologies for necro bump, but 1:1 relevant to me:

If I hit invoice 10,000 for number padding of 0001, what happens?

The padding wouldn’t have an impact