Is there a way to innclude the name of the project in an invoice?


I am wondering how I can include the name of the project automatically when I create an invoice from tasks. I am entering them manually in the description but an automated way would be nicer especially if it is displayed at the top of the invoice.



If you invoice the project, rather than the tasks, the project name will be automatically added to the invoice. Does that work for you?

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I will try it, but I do hourly tasks so that is why I use the tasks window to set up the invoices.

Do your invoices have a single project or could one invoice have multiple projects?

We’re considering changes to improve this but the proposed solution would only support one project.

I personally use a single project and I use the tasks window to clock in the hours.

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Thanks for the feedback! We’ll look into this…

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The variable $ is available you can insert this in the Invoice Terms or Footer

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Hello @david ,

I wait for that feature to work, because my workflow seems similar to @XRay . Right now on v5.3.29-C62 it does not work – or I do it the wrong way:

I need to include the project-Id but i still fail with $project.numer too!

I still fail with the generated number therefore:

Have you revised these issues?

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