Is there a way to include a Markup to a baseline price?

Is there a way to include a Markup to a baseline price?

Sorry, it isn’t supported.

Why is this not a thing? :slight_smile:

We’ve been developing the app for close to five years now, this is the first time the feature has been requested.

Thanks, I submitted to the feature request. I love the platform.

IMHO I don’t think you should be using an invoicing system to do your cost+profit calculations. You should use an ERP or something like that, or even a simple spreadsheet.

I run a small print shop and for some more complex products that involve calculating costs for several inputs, I do it via spreadsheets.

And speaking of spreadsheets, maybe you can use one together with Zapier. I believe you could set up a sync operation so you can run your formulas on the spreadsheet and then transfer the final price to Invoice Ninja.

Thanks, @denisgomes. I do everything by spreadsheet already. I think adding something like this would speed up my time invoicing. I hate going back and forth between spreadsheets when I could just put all of my products in Invoice Ninja and just add my percentage on the invoice. Just makes better sense to me.

Would indeed be a great option

I definitely +1 this request!

In the VAR/Systems Integration business model we typically work in a “points off list” fashion… so giving a customer x-points off an item, with the ability to have differing points-off per product category (e.g. Cisco service gets 15% off, hardware 40% off… Juniper service gets 25% off, hardware 50% off, etc. ).

But it’s basically the same idea… Using spreadsheets becomes a big burden, especially with revision tracking, sharing, etc. Much of the infrastructure to do this is already present in Invoice Ninja. And installing something like Odoo to handle this is kinda overkill.

This is a must have, I just signed up for enterprise to evaluate and realized this was not a feature so I will be cancelling for now.

Glad to see some people view my point. :slight_smile: