Is it possible to import categories?

Hi there!

I don’t see an option but I wanted to confirm :eyeglasses: => is it possible to import categories? (see screenshot: Screenshot uploaded to CleanShot Cloud ). I am migrating from another app and it had a bunch of helpful built-in “categories” which they call “chart of accounts.”

Is there a way to import these into invoice ninja?

Thank you.


Sorry, the app doesn’t support importing expense categories.

Note: a ‘chart of accounts’ is typically used for double entry accounting which the app doesn’t support.

Hi @hillel Thanks for the quick reply.

I understand. Just to confirm, there’s not an option to have categories for revenue? I was hoping I could have revenue in categories like

  1. Sales
  2. Late fees

How about an option for Equity like owner’s draw?

How would I enter owner's draw in Invoice Ninja? In other words, I pay myself once a month.

One option may be to track it as an expense, you then use the P&L report to calculate total profit.