Is invoice ninja right for my needs?


I like invoice ninja but I would like to confirm that it does what I expect prior to purchase. It seems like the ability to import bank transactions is only available in the annual enterprise plan (not monthly enterprise plan :face_with_diagonal_mouth:) so I would like any input. I wish I could do the monthly plan to try it out but the primary reason I need invoice ninja is the bank synchronization.

This is what I wish/hope to experience in invoice ninja:

  • once a month I log in and I see all bank transactions in invoice ninja
  • I can create expenses and invoices on the fly by going through the list of bank transactions.
  • for example, each month I can quickly apply the phone bill to an expense.
  • or I can create a new client for a bank deposit while looking at a bank transaction
  • I can also create invoices and then assign bank transactions to invoices.

are all of these actions possible, seamless, and wonderful?

Thanks :pray: for your input.


All enterprise features are available with either the monthly or annual plan.

Most of those scenarios are supported however the client/invoice need to be created first to match the transaction. A transaction can be used to either create or link to a payment or an expense.

Note: you can test all of this with a free plan by manually creating a transaction.

Thanks for the quick reply! This is great.

I created a quick gif :movie_camera: showing what I see. When I switch to monthly the

Integrate Financial Accounts, Sync Bank Transactions via Yodlee

feature disappears under the Enterprise plan column.

Can you confirm that this is indeed available in the monthly plan so I can check it out before purchasing the annual plan? Can I actually upgrade to the annual plan after using the monthly plan for 1 month?

Thanks again. :tanabata_tree:

Thanks for the gif! It’s a bug, we’ll make sure it’s corrected.

I can confirm the feature is available with the monthly plan.

You can change between plans/payment schedules at any time.

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