Invoicing for Tasks

Is there any video or guide on how to easily bill for time entered as Tasks in Invoice Ninja? Can it bill for time entered, automatically?


I don’t think we have a video for this. You can manually convert tasks to an invoice or add tasks to an existing invoice. There isn’t an option to have this done automatically.

Just a few more questions as I’m weighing what a reasonable investment might be for us to use this platform. Thank you for your time.

Does the API have an endpoint that can be called to send an invoice?

Does populating a SQL table with the correct information by itself make an invoice or is there much complexity beyond that?

Is it only recurring invoices that can send automatically or can unsent or draft invoices be scheduled to convert or send?

  • The app uses the API so anything which can be done in the app can be done with the API directly. You can use the network tab in the browser console to debug the API requests.

  • There is much more complexity, you should only create invoices using the API

  • Currently only recurring invoices can be scheduled to be sent but we’re planning on also supporting this for standard invoices.