Invoices stuck in mail queue?

I had an issue with a gmail account which is used to send out invoices but was locked. Consequently all recurring invoices did not get sent out.

I don’t recall if invoiceninja uses sendmail or some type of mail server to send out invoices. Are those emails in a queue and will eventually go out now that the account has been unlocked or do I have to do something to resend them?

Any help appreciated.

I’m assuming the recurring invoice generated the standard invoice but the standard invoices weren’t emailed. If that’s the case you’d need to manually send the invoices.

The app does support using email queues which will retry if there’s a failure like this but it needs to be enabled.

Thanks very much for the info, just a a few questions:

  1. Does it matter which parameter we use? QUEUE_DRIVER=database or QUEUE_DRIVER=redis?
  2. Does this mean that I now have to create a cron job to send out emails?
  3. If #2 is yes, does it matter which paramter? php artisan queue:listen or php artisan queue:work --daemon
  1. Yes, there’s more info here:
  2. No, crons and queues are separate. That said if you aren’t sending many emails you could use a cron but I think it would only send one email per minute.

Thanks again for all your help.