Invoices not visible in client portal

For some reason, our clients are unable to see invoices in their portal.

There are a total of 4 invoices open for this customer. In one client’s portal, you can only see two of them, and the other client portal you can only see one.

Why is this the case? Invoices are not password protected.

Another example:

This client has a bunch of invoices open but they aren’t visible in the dashboard


Each contact has permission to see their invoices. Is it possible the client’s contacts have been recreated/are you using the API?

I discovered the issue was that if the contact was not sent the invoice they aren’t able to view it. This is problematic because a company may have several contacts some not wanting to receive the invoice emails but still wanting the visibility of seeing them in the dash.

Any ideas here?

Sorry, it isn’t currently supported

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I would add my +1 here - if a client logs into the dashboard I#d expect him to see all his invoices, no matter if he had them sent via email or not.

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Is there any way to programmatically enable the client to view each invoice?