Invoices Not Sending

I’m having an issue sending invoices in a new Invoice ninja build.

In the .env the email settings are all correct.

When the QUEUE_CONNECTION is set to sync it sends the emails, but when I set it to “database” it doesn’t send anything.

I can’t seem to figure it out beyond that.


If you set QUEUE_CONNECTION to database you also need to add the queue:work cron

I get this error when i try to edit the Cron file:

touch: cannot touch ‘/var/www/.selected_editor’: Permission denied
Unable to create directory /var/www/.local/share/nano/: No such file or directory
It is required for saving/loading search history or cursor positions.

No modification made

I’m not sure, you may want to ask your webhost for advice

Its a virtual Linux server

@david do you have any suggestions?

the user who you start the queue with needs to be able to write to the storage and public/storage directories, this would be the reason why it is not working when queue is set to database.