Invoices not being sent to Gmail

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I got my invoiceninja setup on my site, but it won’t send the emails to gmail accounts. I’m hosted with Hostgator shared hosting, and using their MX servers, all set up correctly as I can send to other accounts, but not a gmail account. I believe it has something to do with the tracking pixel to determine whether or not it’s been opened (I read there was a recent shift in Google’s security policy to disallow this), but would love to hear anyone else’s firsthand resolutions to this, if any.

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MAIL_PASSWORD=“password here”



MAIL_FROM_NAME=“Name here”

The cause is likely that your domain is on a blacklist. It is usually easy to get off the blacklist (normally its filling a form then getting verification email…)
Please check which blacklist your domain is on and follow the steps to unlist it from the blacklist: Email Blacklist Check - IP Blacklist Check - See if your server is blacklisted (

Would also urge to setup DKIM for the sender domain (plus the required SPF).

However for essential transactional emails like sending of invoices/bills to clients I usually recommend just go with amazon SES (amazon simple email service). You just sign up (it’s basically free; $0.10 per every 1000 emails) and they give you SMTP details for your domain. Bulk Cloud Email Service - Amazon Simple Email Service - AWS Then you don’t have to manage any of the deliverability because you just enter the DNS records they provide in order to verify the domain and that’s it. I get the best deliverability with SES.

Will take a look at AWS’s option; unfortunately, I’ve run the mxtoolbox check and my domain is entirely clear - all green checks.

DKIM and SPF are set as well, server-wise everything works perfectly. DMARC enabled, all of that. May just be a cost of doing business, but the AWS route seems like a great compromise, thank you!

for some reason the shared hosting mail servers almost always have emails ending up in spam or blocked even if all the SPF/DKIM/DMARK etc. are setup right, passes all tests and no blacklist showing… If you’re on shared hosting its likely someone else has gotten blacklisted somewhere with the shared hosting’s IP.
Anyways AWS is very reliable and high deliverability without much configuration so try them out as they are designed for these sorts of transactional mails.

Using SES and works like a dream, thank you so much!

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