Invoices Not Being Attached to Mails

Afternoon Hillel

Since the recent update that I had to install I am having the following issues:

If I set the ENV file to use locally installed phantom JS nothing gets attached

If I use PhantomJS Cloud the invoice is attached but corrupted so it simply doies not open, the user gets this message:

I really need a fix for this.

From the past thread…

I don’t believe PhantomJS is correctly setup on your server, you would need to use PhantomJS Cloud.

I believe you said it was working for one company but not the other, that would make me think the problem is related to a specific setting in the company.

Hi Hillel

I am using PhantomJS Cloud and I also removed all companies bar one. The one that was working perfectly previously.

If another company was working on the server it means the problem is most likely related to the company’s settings.

Let’s not forget though that this was working perfectly well prior to the upgrade.

For now I have done this…

Removed the ability to attach files and also removed the password protection of invoices.

In theory (and please correct me if I am wrong) this should mean that when a customer receives an invoice and clicks “View Invoice” it should open in a browser without the need to login. Is that correct…?

Still awaiting an update on this Hillel. Apologies but I have run this system for well over a year now with no hitches and need some help with this please.

That is correct, they can just click the link.

As a next step you may want to create a new company, check that the feature works, and then gradually copy over your settings to determine which setting is causing it to fail.

I’ve just setup a new company through the UI and now nothing appears to be getting sent to clients.

I disabled ModSecurity but that has not helped either.

When I view an invoice just next to the “View in Portal” there’s a warning icon and for the 1st company I see the following error:
Connection could not be established to host…

For the 2nd company I see this:
escapeshellcmd() has been disabled for security reasons

These look like two separate issues

  • I’d suggest trying a different email provider

  • Is escapeshellcmd enabled?


I’d love to try another email provider but this is through cPanel and it has been working perfectly up to now.

As for escapeshellcmd being enabled… I’d need some guidance on where to check for this. Happy to look.

“Connection could not be established to host…” could imply a temporary network issue, I’d suggest following up with your webhost.

You can setup a phpinfo page to check.

Any guidance on this appreciated.

Thanks Hillel.

I did try acytually but just get a not found page. Most likely due to server configuration.

I’d suggest checking with your webhost