Invoices list on client dashboard


Many thanks for Invoice Ninja product!!

I noted that there is not all invoices displayed on the client dashboard and I don’t know why, some clients can view all there invoices and some other can view only the last one.
Could you help me?

I’m on self-hosting v4.1.4

Can you check that the invoices are marked as sent, draft invoice aren’t shown in the client portal.

Yes, I have a client that has some invoices with status sent and paid but only the last one is display on his dashboard.
Same problem with recurring invoices (status waiting), only the last one is displayed.

On the other hand the total paid and total invoiced is correct on client dashboard.

In the invoices table in DB there is no difference between the invoice that is displayed and another that is not.

Is the contact checked on the edit invoice page?

Many thanks, the contact was not checked.
So it’s working as expected now.

My invoices are created via API, could you tell me how to check the contact when creating invoice by API please?

I call the endpoint:
POST /invoices?include=invitations
with a payload that contains: client_id=1, is_public=True, invoice_items=[…]

By default all contacts will be included with an invoice.

If you uncheck a contact on an invoice it will prevent them from being automatically included in future invoices.

This behavior is determined by the contact.send_invoice field.

There is a strange behavior, when I create an invoice (via API) the contact is checked automaticaly but if I create a second invoice it is well checked but the first isn’t checked anymore…
If I create some others, only the last one stay checked but all other are unchecked, that’s why I have only the last one in client dashboard.

If I check contact on all invoices and create a new one (via API), all invoices are unchecked but the last one.

Can you post a sample command you’re using to create the invoice?

If you’re updating the client it’s important to pass back the contact ids otherwise the contacts are recreated which would cause previous invoices to be unchecked.

My bad, sorry :frowning:
I update the client before create invoice but I don’t specify the contact id so a new contact is created again.

Thank you so much!

Glad to hear it solves it!