Invoices in different languages


I’m playing around with the self hosted version and am looking to use it for my own company and buying the whitelabel for it. (also as a support to a great product)
I was wondering if it is possible to have for example 2 templates for invoices as my company is Bulgarian but some of my clients will be English.
This requires me to have the same invoice in both English and Bulgarian language (I will be happy to contribute as much as I can to add Bulgarian to the languages of InvoiceNinja)
Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

We support setting the language per client. Although the preview is still in the account language if you click ‘View as recipient’ to view the invoice as your client it should be in their language.

One limitation with this approach is that we only support a single language for the email templates. If you’d also like to use custom email templates you may want to create two separate companies.

Thank you for the fast reply!

Preferably I would love to work in English for my company profile itself and my clients will mostly be English as well.
However, Bulgarian law requires me to print copies in Cyrillic/Bulgarian. If I would for example make my accountant an account with Bulgarian language selected, would he be able to print (or download/mail himself) the Bulgarian versions?

Sorry, that’s not supported.

Also the language selection obviously only controls the labels, the content would need to be translated.

No problem, I’ll find a different approach to achieve this :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!

It would be a nice feature to be able to specify e-mail/invoice templates per language…

Agreed, maybe for the future…

If you use the default template the app will send a template in the client’s language.

Most of my clients won’t have any issues with English, so I’ll stick to that… But it would just be nice to have such feature… Hopefully we’ll see it in the near future? :slight_smile:

I was looking at the same issue today and found this thread. I know this is an older thread but it seems to still reflect the current state of languages and emails.

here is another feature suggestion:

How about an email template selection per client? This would solve the problem of clients which need emails in a different language

Maybe, it may be better if the templates were stored by language.

Well, its been a while since this thread was started and there are no templates by language yet afaik.

So I was giving another option that would help. Maybe its easier to implement. Another benefit of having templates per client would be that we could make the templates independent of the language.
just imagine, I could create say 4 templates, one for my English speaking clients, one for my German clients and then again one fore each where the template does not contain the download link for the invoice but only the attached invoice. This way I wouldn’t care about language, I would simply assign the desired and fitting template to each client…

Anyway, this is just an idea…

Maybe this will help…

First of all thank you for the hard work! I have discovered this thread which is basically what I am currently trying to solve as well.

I have tried to download an invoice (= export PDF) for the client with English set as his main language, but it still uses the current language that is set in the admin interface. The result is that mentioned invoice is being exported into the different language than English. When I use “View as client” it shows English properly, but I do not plan to share the client interface with my clients for now. Is there any way how to export the PDF in English without changing the whole app language to the English language? I can not do that because I also have clients from other countries and it will kind of defeat the purpose. Also I have the same problem like the original poster, because my mother tongue language (the one set in the admin interface) needs to be on the invoice for the tax purposes.

Two different companies seems to be an overkill because I do not know if I can easily share invoice numbers.

Thank you.

Hello all together,

I’m now trying this solution (self-hosted) too for my company which is registered in Ukraine. Because of the law, I have to create the invoices in Ukrainian, but my clients speak English and German.
Did someone already find a workaround for this?

Best regards!