Invoices are send with the wrong URL


I was wondering why Invoice Ninja started sending invoices with an Invoice Ninja domain name and not my own.

Is that normal?

URL send to client:

My clients can’t open my invoices anymore.

It all worked fine until now.

At the same time I don’t get any notifications anymore.

Perhaps this is related?

Obligatory “not a developer, just a user” disclaimer.

Sounds like your .env file may have been altered somehow. Check to make sure APP_URL is correct for your domain. Also check the mail settings for MAIL_DRIVER, MAIL_PORT, MAIL_ENCRYPTION, MAIL_HOST, etc.

It was in the .env file but it was something else, I’ve added the queu data query or something like that and that messed up the file for sending emails.

Stupid of me :slight_smile:

Thanks Titanfail!