Invoices always more than payments?

For the last few months or so I’ve been trying to figure out why on the dashboard my “Invoices” is always more than “Payments”. Currently for the year, invoices is showing $1,625 more than payments. I have no open/overdue invoices, only carrying $200 in credit, $50 in overpayment, no open/active quotes. If I look at the dashboard for the month only, Invoices shows $200 over which I assume is the credit? I’m not really sure how to read it because that is credit and not invoiced. Still doesn’t make sense that for the year invoices shows $1625 more than Payments but nothing is pending or overdue.

I wish the dashboard had a little more info or was more clear as this makes me think I’m missing something or something is wrong.


Are you using the Flutter or the React app?

Do you see a difference between the two apps?

React, I will look and see if flutter shows something different.

@hillel @david

I did play with the desktop app and that UI shows different information on the dashboard. I can make better sense of that information but… In Flutter it shows $200 more in “Active Invoices” than Completed Payments". Currently carrying $200 in credit for one client so that kind of makes sense. The $200 was entered as a credit in the system and NOT an invoice. In my mind that $200 shift should show as part of the “Completed Payment” total as it is money we have been paid. It has not been applied to an invoice(s) yet so it should not be part of “active invoices” total - in my opinion.

Back to the React dashboard…
If I look at the dashboard for just the current month the numbers look okay, again shows $200 more in invoices even though this a credit and payment received and not yet part of an invoice.

When I look at the dashboard set for “this year” the "Invoices total is still way more than the “Payments” total. $1725 more to be exact. As mentioned above there is only one open invoice for $50 and a credit for $200 open. ALL other invoices paid so I am not sure how the system is coming up with such a big discrepancy.

Maybe the term “Invoices” for the purpose of the dashboard is used losely and not just invoices as I assume it should be. Even so, I can’t make the numbers make sense especially using “This Year” view on the dashboard.


You can use the desktop app to check with the Flutter app.

@hillel @david

Not sure why my reply today May 27 shows 6 days ago but a bump and more info:

I forgot to mention that we do deal with credit and overpayment fairly regularly. When overpayments occur, a later invoice is created and that overpayment from the older invoice applied to the new. Could this be throwing the number off??

Still looking for support on this guys. My Invoices amount on the dashboard continues to grow beyond the Payments cash amount now into a couple thousand dollars difference which doesn’t make sense when all invoices are paid to date.

In the Flutter app you can click in the dashboard charts to see which records are being included, maybe it will help you better understand the totals.

I’m trying to tap around on the dashboard in the phone app and its not doing anything. When I look at Invoices in phone app no upcoming invoices or past due. The numbers show the same in the app as in the react UI. I think the “Invoices” dollar amount is taking something into the calculation it shouldn’t be. As I mentioned we do take and track credit but it gets applied to invoices as they are created but even so the difference does not equal the open credit. I’ve looked through my deleted invoices but the only ones there are my first test invoices which were all 0$ and I have no archived invoices.

Shouldn’t the “Invoices” and “Payments” dollar amounts be the same if all invoices are paid and there are none open?

Is there some way we can work faster on figuring this out? I don’t want to caught up with incorrect information at tax time. I’m happy to share whatever non customer data info would be helpful via screenshots or remote session etc.

The Flutter desktop app supports clicking a date to see the relevant records.

Not necessarily, the invoice report uses the invoice date whereas the payment report used the payment date.

Hrm, I guess I’m still not seeing how this will help determine why the numbers are off. I have the desktop app and clicking on the charts on the dashboard does not seem to do anything. On the far right it shows no active or overdue invoices which is correct. In both Flutter and React UI I am looking at the year view and I only started using IN in late January and first invoices in February so this is reflecting all totals from the beginning. I am still not understanding how they can be different dollar amounts even based on dates. There are no current/future/open invoices the difference can be coming from.

If you click the chart in the dashboard you should see the records on the selected date in the sidebar.

Note: this only applies to the individual charts, not the total at the top.