InvoiceNinja v5.3.78-C77 404 error after running artisan optimize

On a fresh install and the cron job running on schedule I keep getting a 404 error on the admin side after the jobs run. The apache2 errors logs don’t show what that error is from as it is executing properly. What I am finding is i believe the php artisan schedule:run also runs the php artisan optimize command every so often causing my 404 error for me. To resolve it I clear out the bootstrap/cache/* directory to get this running good again and after some time the 404 error comes back later after the schedule runs again. Right now it seems to be a cache issue.

Earlier I was dealing with the client portal being blank and nailed it down after using firefox inspection that the livewire url was wrong, correct this and did a php artisan livewire:publish to update the url links, which in turn resloved my orginal 404 error.

Now looks like it is now a cache issue and the optimize command invokes it instead of resolving it. Please advise in what direction i should look at. I just have to keep cleaning out the cache directory manually to keep me going at the moment. Luckily my install is testing/part production test to solidify this install.


Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david


I’ll need to see some system error messages to understand what is going on here.

Which logs does invoice ninja use to log it’s errors? I’m assuming portions are in apache2 logs and some elsewhere?

I think I have this resolved for now. I ran extra commands after upgrades to the app which include:

sudo php artisan migrate
sudo php artisan optimize:clear

These result in nothing to migrate, which is normal, and the optimize:clear seems to do an extra step to clear and apply version changes properly. I’m monitoring the behavior but so far so good.