Invoiceninja something went wrong

Hi i am get error something went wrong on

It docker instal


Are there any errors in the logs?

Hi Winch log file larvel ?i can posts it content

It show mostly on invoice page if that’s help also

The Laravel logs are in storage/logs

[2023-11-09 21:30:22] production.ERROR: Cannot access private property horstoeko\zugferd\entities\basic\udt\TextType::$__value {“userId”:1,“exception”:"[object] (Error(code: 0): Cannot access private property horstoeko\zugferd\entities\basic\udt\TextType::$__value at /var/www/app/vendor/jms/serializer/src/Accessor/DefaultAccessorStrategy.php:90)
#0 /var/www/app/vendor/jms/serializer/src/Accessor/DefaultAccessorStrategy.php(96): horstoeko\zugferd\entities\en16931\udt\TextType::JMS\Serializer\Accessor\{closure}(Object(horstoeko\zugferd\entities\basic\udt\TextType), ‘__value’)
#1 /var/www/app/vendor/jms/serializer/src/GraphNavigator/SerializationGraphNavigator.php(262): JMS\Serializer\Accessor\DefaultAccessorStrategy->getValue(Object(horstoeko\zugferd\entities\basic\udt\TextType), Object(JMS\Serializer\Metadata\PropertyMetadata), Object(JMS\Serializer\SerializationContext))
#2 /var/www/app/vendor/jms/serializer/src/XmlSerializationVisitor.php(333): JMS\Serializer\GraphNavigator\SerializationGraphNavigator->accept(Object(horstoeko\zugferd\entities\basic\udt\TextType), Array)

@david do you have any suggestions?

Also maybe it related my dock env edit url just wonder i changed docker app url to use ip could that be related?

I could post full logs file some where if any help Thanks Hillel full logs if more help

Any suggestion? Could be url app url related


Which version
Was it working previously.

This is a very unusual error and it looks to be originating from the package itself.

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New install maybe was something i edit in dock fil?

Can app url be? A ip address?

I’m not sure, the error does not indicate an APP url issue thou…

Are you using the standard Docker file provided?

Yes with few edit

Noting thay could think would cause that

The dock file work fine test machine acsss via local host

If restore data out ones get error maybe they something i dont know why it would matter :thinking:


Just to confirm, you also have einvoicing turned on?

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I dont think so i just restored data i had made when i was testing into new install with out setting

No errors yet? Where is einvoce?


I kept other docker install so if some setting i can test see maybe issues or bug or something?

I just tested in my docker turning einvoicing on and off and could not reproduce this.

You can toggle EInvoicing in Settings > Email Settings

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I will check the original install on my new one i have turned off

Maybe that what is e invoice feature do?

On my backup it was on?

Explain why restore backup with out setting worked