InvoiceNinja Running Behind HAProxy - Mixed Content Errors


I am attempting to get invoice ninja working through HAProxy, I have run into an issue where HAProxy displays mixed content, so far I have done the following:

on invoiceninja:

  • added TRUSTED_PROXIES='111.222.333.444/24 to my .env file
  • running with require_https set to false

on HAProxy:

  • tried adding http-request header set to name: X-Forwarded-Proto, fmt https to my HAProxy frontend actions

the backend is configured to not use SSL, and is just accessing via http on port 80.

at this point I’m getting some mixed content, running with require https true results in a redirect error from the client browser, telling HAProxy to connect using SSL on port 80 or 443 results in HAProxy giving a 503 error, I suspect I could solve this by just using a self-signed cert on invoiceninja, running it truly as an SSL encrypted web server, instead of this forcing https traffic over an http connection to the load balancer, then just using that self-signed cert for communication between HAProxy and invoiceninja, but thats an extra layer of work that I don’t know if i really wanna take on if theres a way I can do this without involving additional certs and configuration.

Suggestions on fixing the mixed content issue before I go about running the whole server with a self signed?


Maybe the info here will help: