InvoiceNinja Product Details: Dealing with PayPal Seller protection

InvoiceNinja does not seem to send over product detail line items from invoice over to the payment details when paid via PayPal. Since payment doesn’t include details on the physical product - Seller Protection is not available for the transaction paid via InvoiceNinja.

Is there is any potential workaround or potential enhancement around this issue?

Similarly, we have this issue with Shipstation integration via Zapier. Although we have Zapier pull product detail line items from the invoice - product detail values never get pulled or populated.

Are you hosted or self-hosted, if self-hosted are you using the latest version? The line item details should be sent to Zapier with our latest release.

We use Omnipay to support our payment integrations. I know in the past I wasn’t able to send the payment details with PayPal, we’ll look into it again.

We use hosted by InvoiceNinja - are we on the latest release for hosting environment?

When was the last time you checked Zapier, this should have been fixed by our release about 10 days ago.

I will check and try to reconfigure field mappings for shipstation. I do see product line items listed on the data-out from InvoiceNinja but not in Data-in for shipstation.

I have confirmed that products line items are not being sent over to paypal as part of manifest - hence no seller protection eligibility.

We’re adding line item details to PayPal in our next major release (v3.5 in 4 to 6 weeks).

thank you!