InvoiceNinja Portuguese language

Hi guys,

I’ve got InvoiceNinja v5 deployed in docker with your how-to. Everything seems to be working so far. The main hiccup i found was for me being a Portuguese spoken, the Portugues - Portual/Brasil languge in InvoiceNinja is still showing lots of English words. We’d ignore it but some parts of the invoices are also showing English words.

Is there a location I could manually translate the words myself, and is there any implications?

Many thanks in advance. @david, @hillel


You can update the translations here to fix it for everyone.

If there are words on the PDF you want to adjust for your own use you can define a custom label on Settings > Localization.

Thanks @hillel, is there any steps/doc i could follow? Can’t find how to import the files.

Also, If i wanted to use a remote DB for InvoiceNinja, do I just change the DB connection in the env file to point to remote db?

Thanks again.

We rebuild the app with the latest translations around once a month.

Yes, that’s correct.

Hi @hillel , I’ve updated the translation in Transifex, in most of the sections that it had the wrong language. Now, how can i implement the changes into my InvoiceNinja?


Your change will be included the next time we update the app’s translations.

Oh great. I’ll go through it as much as i can for the Portuguese language. I feel i can contribuite this way.

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Awesome, thanks for your help!