InvoiceNinja PayPal Express payment error "Company doesn't support over payments.""

Hi Guys,

I’ve integrated PayPal Express into InvoiceNinja (self-hosted) and have enabled Live on PayPal. When trying to test paying an invoice in client portal i get the message “Company doesn’t support over payments.”

I am not sure what it really means, and I thing I’ve setup all the settings, unless i am missing any details? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Ok, I’ve sorted this. I needed to enable allow excess payment…and this was all related to over conversion.

As PayPal doen’t support Escudos (Cape Verde) I need to convert the currency to Euro for client to pay with PayPal. Problem is, from escudos (520$00) to Euro it should be €4.5/7, but InvoiceNinja is convirting it too much giving €520,000.

Is there a way we can setup conversion rate?



If the convert option is enabled on Settings > Product Settings the app will use the current exchange rate.

You can manually set an exchange rate on the settings tab of the edit invoice screen.

Hi @hillel ,

comvert option is enabled but still show the wrong amount

Sorry where do i find “settings tab of the edit invoice screen”? Can’t find that.

Thanks again

The settings tab is by the terms/footer/notes section.

Thanks I found it. It would be nice to have a global curency setting where we can set currency converter rate manually from example company to $ and vice versa, company to £ and vise versa, instead of per invoice.

This isn’t currently supported, feel free to create an issue here to request it:

Note: one workaround may be to disable the exchange rate updates and manually set the rates in the currencies table.