InvoiceNinja and MACVLAN

I’m running InvoiceNinja within docker. IN4 is running quite a while without any issues. Now I’m on IN5. For a better usability I came across MACVLAN. When I right, I can use my docker container like IN5 with a hostname and/or IP without a port.

Did anybody using this setup? When I am setup a MACVLAN network and assigning the server container to it, the given is working but I only get a blank gray page and the IN favicon. :wink:

Any ideas what’s going wrong?



@david do you have any suggestions?

Not sure on this one. I’ve never heard of macvlan

I’d check the browser console for more info.

The browser console tells me, that he can’t find some resources and ended in a 404 error.
I think this is because of the multi-container-setup. But this is just a guess.

Some information about macvlan: Use macvlan networks | Docker Documentation