Invoice Total Mismatch


While testing my integration I noticed a mismatch between the invoice total in Invoice Ninja vs the invoice total in the ERP system I am integrating with Invoice Ninja. I am sending in the document total in the API request but Invoice Ninja seems to be ignoring this and only uses the line item totals on the invoice. The ERP system has 4 additional fields on invoices at the header level. I attached a screenshot of these fields. They are Fright, Trade Discount, Misc., and Tax. I do not see 3 of the 4 of these fields in Invoice Ninja. Do these not exist? Is there a way to override the invoice total so the document amount I send in the API matches? Is there a way just to send the Tax amount instead of having to use a Tax Rate?



The app doesn’t support setting the total, it’s calculated from the invoice details. One option may be to use custom invoice surcharges however v4 only supports setting two custom fields (v5 supports setting 4 fields). The app only supports specifying the tax rate.

Where can I set custom invoice surcharges? Is that possible through the API?

They can be configured on Settings > Invoice Settings

You can set the values in the API using custom_value1 and custom_value2

Just to verify, there is no way to specify the exact tax amount on the invoice through the API? I do see a couple of invoices that the tax is off by a penny. If it is something I can avoid I would like to.

Yes, that is correct