Invoice Terms: Payable on Receipt

In some of the documentation it references invoice payment terms as Net0 or greater. I want client to pay invoice upon receipt. When I try to configure terms it advises that terms must be 1 or greater. How do we configure terms to be payable upon receipt? (Net0??)


It looks like a bug, there should be a ‘Net 0’ option.

We’ll make sure it’s fixed in our next release.

Have just upgraded to 4.2.1 White labelled.

Still getting the same error requiring the Create Payment Term still needing to be 1 or greater. Is this a user error?


Can you try adding ?clear_cache=true to the end of the URL to see if it helps.


Its not the default setting thats the issue. That now has a drop down option. But where you create a payment term on the ‘Customize Options’ page. I guess its moot really because you dont need to customize the setting anyway?

But why allow creation of a custom payment term that exists by default? And why cant they be deleted entirely?

I’m not sure I understand, if you now see the ‘Net 0’ option is the problem resolved?

It looks like you can create duplicate payment terms, that’s incorrect and will be fixed.

Apologies for being so confusing.

The drop down list appears. But if you try to create a customized term ‘Net 0’ it wont allow less than 1. A customized value is pointless leading to my second point;

My second point is why allow a customized term to be created if it already exists in the drop down? I was testing the Net0 issue and ended up creating Net 7 customized term. Its in the drop down and I cant delete the customized Net 7 term. Perhaps it shouldnt be allowed to be created in the first place or we should be able to delete (purge) them?

Hope that makes more sense. :slight_smile:

‘Net 0’ should already be in the list as a standard term, the “value must be greater than one error” is correct.

‘Net 7’ is also a standard term. The app allows adding a duplicate net 7 but the duplicates aren’t shown in the terms list and can be archived.