Invoice template preview not working

I am using self hosted v5.0.40-C33 on chrome v87.0.4280.88
When I open Invoice design → customize & preview, on the right side I get error of faild to load pdf.

Same issue with Edge browser.

Hey there,

Thanks for reporting this to us. Can I know the environment you’re using? Have you configured the server yourself? Are you using Docker?

Also, can you please post the output of the storage/logs/laravel.log file. There should be an error message.


I installed and configured server by myself. It is running ubuntu 20.04 php7.4 and nginx.
No errors in the log:

All right. Can you tell me what’s the value of PHANTOMJS_PDF_GENERATION variable in .env file?

There are three variables related to phantom:


One thing you could try & I’d suggest that is switching to local PDF making system.

Do the following:

  1. Make sure you have installed all required dependencies for Chromium to run (
  3. Run: ./vendor/bin/snappdf download (in Invoice Ninja directory)
  4. Run: php artisan optimize

See if that works for you :+1:

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After checking for missing dependencies I got this: => not found
Installed it and done the rest of your instruction. It works now!
Thank you

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Thanks for letting us know!

Cheers :tada: