Invoice rounding amounts not limited to 2 decimal places

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Here is what happened:
Client sent me LPO with following amounts:

Amount = 1,964.90; Tax(5%)= 98.25 Amount = 4,862.15; Tax(5%)= 243.11

When I entered the ‘Amount’ in the line items, the tax got calculated automatically. And, it is all in 2 decimal places. But, the total amount was off by 0.01. When I checked the issue, apparently the system shows the tax in 2 decimal places, but doesn’t round it off to that, instead if the calculated amount is more than that, it will add that amount.

I hope I’m able to explain the issue.

Looking forward to resolve this.

This should be corrected in the upcoming v5 release

Hi! Any advice as to how to fix it in version 4.5.18 while we wait for the v5 release? Having the same problem and invoices are off by either plus or minus 1 cent.

I noticed that for example if I have an invoice for $70.00 and I calculate a 10.5% tax it should be $7.35 but it shows $7.36 no idea why. Tax it’s configured to 10.500 % in the settings.

Any help appreciated! Thanks!

Sorry, this problem is one of the main reasons we’re building v5


Just stumbled across the same problem (e.g. a customer complained). Needs fix, really.

Problem, as far as I see, is that the tax is calculated per item, and rounded, so one of my products, which is 79.42€, makes a tax of 12.7072€, which is rounded to 12.71€.
Ok so far, but the summary lists the sum of the net worth and the sum with tax included, and they differ, which CAN be a problem when tax authority comes to check the books.