Invoice receipt

What is the recommended workflow for issuing receipts for invoices?

At the moment, I’ve got the payment status / paid stamp working, but that’s being put on the original invoice [with updated paid to date / balance due] info.
Ideally, I’d like to be able to have a separate entity for receipts.

Is there a way to automatically create a receipt for a payment yet?
What are other people doing to achieve this functionality?


The invoice is updated to reflect the payment, the app doesn’t support issuing a separate receipt.

I really need a solution for issuing, and printing receipt. What are your suggestions?

I believe there’s an issue for this on the GitHub repo, I suggest giving it an upvote to show your interest in the feature.

Did not found it, so ? What can I do ?

In that case feel free to create a new issue.

Just did:

Thanx. Anyone else have some toughts ?

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No use creating an issue. Who else can help me?

@david I think we may want to re-open the GitHub issue, a common request from users is to support a receipt document which is separate from the invoice.

Thank you. Where i live (EU, RO) we need a separate paper for cash payments.