Invoice/Quote header and footer are not repeated when more than 1 page

when my invoices/quote are more than 1 page, the header and footer are not repeated.
Any suggestion?

Thank you.

I am using self-hosted, v5.3.75-C77.


Which design are you using/does changing designs help?

@david any thoughts to debug?

I am using Elegant template and I do some customization.

Do you see the problem with the standard Elegant design or any others?

Yes, I try to use the original Elegant template, the problems are still here.
besides of Elegant template, all of the templates are not repeat the header and footer when more than 1 page.


We cannot consistently guarantee the position of the footer so making it repeat has been soft disabled.

You can reenable this by creating a custom design based off the elegant template and then in the footer tab, change the class name from repeating-footerx to repeating-footer